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ashita wa kyou yori mo suteki
tomorrow will be even more lovely than today
eπc .  
4th-Dec-2010 10:59 pm
light dying :D
the.chronicles.of.vladimir.tod. :)

vampire books aren't my cup of tea
but this book is an exception
not your typical vampire book (or at least i think so... because i haven't actually read any vampire books D:)
you should read it :)
heather brewer is epic

i'm up to the last one...
but i can't find it anywhere ^^;
damn you !


oh and i finished year 12 finally :(
although i thought the day would never come.
i somewhat feel unaccomplished.
i feel weird and slightly bald because nothing is due and there is no necessity to study for ANYTHING.
i also feel naked without the weight of my textbooks constantly weighing myself down...
and most of all
i miss my teachers :'(
i guess i can say i'm free,
i wish i still had school to look forward to though...
so i can breathe in the smell of fresh, new mathematical textbooooks

i wonder what university is like.
i hope they give me lots of maths :D

oh & if you want to cry
watch this movie:

for now,
i must fly.

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