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ashita wa kyou yori mo suteki
tomorrow will be even more lovely than today
this probably sounds absurd... 
13th-Mar-2010 09:53 pm
light dying :D




it was so fun
we had study for half the day
then structured study with our teachers
and then the rest was fun activities
and there was a piano
and our cabin was the best
because it was three storey
and there was always food
the place was surrounded with forests
and it looked like a movie
and the ATAR/ENTER score presentation was inspiring
and on the last day we had a practice english sac
and everyone was wrecked and it didn't matter because
the teachers said we will sometimes have off days where were not at our best
then we marked each others english sacs
and the weather was nice
and when you look out the window it looks like a painting
the bus ride home was soothing
the teachers were reaaaallly nice
and everyone was actually friends for once

and and and

i have heaps of hw to do now
because the teacher gave us heaaaaaps
because they thought we were gonna study for the whole time
and this probably sounds weird but
i don't actually mind it <3


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